Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme (CITREP II)

What is Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme (CITREP)?

Critical Infocomm Technology Resource Programme (CITREP) was established by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA) since 1996 with the objective to accelerate the development of emerging, critical and specialised infocomm skills to meet Singapore’s infocomm manpower needs.

Since 1 April 2011, CITREP has been expanded to cover new and emerging areas, such as Business Analytics, Cloud Computing, and Green Infocomm. The aim is to deepen the capabilities of infocomm professionals and to ensure that Singapore’s infocomm manpower continues to remain competitive with the developments in the industry globally and within Singapore.

Under CITREP II, IDA will partner training providers to develop and offer quality infocomm professional development technology courses in areas aligned to build local core of ICT professionals with Smart Nation capabilities.

Training courses and certifications which impart knowledge and skills in the identified skill areas will be evaluated and endorsed under CITREP II. Self-sponsored trainees and organisations sponsoring their employees in these endorsed courses and certifications can apply for CITREP II funding support.



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